Thursday, March 25, 2010

Somatic Responses - Circumflex

john and paul healy, collectively known throughout the world as somatic responses, are native residents of a small industrial mining community snugly located in the southwest region of wales. amongst the 20,000 inhabitants of the city of ammanford, a sometimes-overbearing intimacy exists, where everyone knows everyone else, and where traditional welsh lifestyle is still the common trend.this is all quite an interesting backdrop indeed, when considering it has been the environment in which the somatic responses have consistently produced some of the world's most abrasive and original electronic music for the past 8 years. as john healy states, "our lives are completely external to this environment and lifestyle... our sound has no deep connection to our surroundings. i think we care more about where we are mentally than where we are physically, with reference to our music." this contrast becomes immediately apparent upon hearing the somatics' actual material. while maintaining a consistent balance of the aggressive and the introspective over the years, their sounds have been shown to be extremely diverse. the somatic responses intend to push their own experimentation in electronic music further with every passing day. somatic responses are into dislocated & broken beats that still retain rhythm. another consistent theme in the somatics' music is their tendency to design, construct, and decimate complex structures of sound, while ranging the level of architecture from the most intricate manipulation to complete fluctuation of mood and theme.

the sounds could be labeled as industrial with complex dislocated rhythms and associated structures filled with pure plasic and atari cookies.

via hymen records


[Wales / 1999 / Hymen Records / IDM - Industrial / 320kbps]

1 Umbrella 6:27
2 Ivtephx 5:28
3 Ucircumflex 7:05
4 Oldrosv 7:23
5 The Storm 5:28
6 Wherever 6:09
7 Open Window 5:46
8 Fourty 6:14
9 Halfway 4:25
10 Androstyle 5:04
11 Revula 5:21
12 Catflap 4:40


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