Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Der Blutharsch - The Pleasures Received In Pain

Der Blutharsch is the main project of Austrian musician Albin Julius. Following in the footsteps of Autopsia and Laibach, Julius creates a marching music of bombastic rhythms and folkish melodies, often infused with historical military speeches and orchestral samples. The earlier works tended towards a minimalistic sample-based instrumental style in an industrial/ambient vein, while more recent material has headed into a folk/acoustic sound, often accompanied with live vocals and instruments.

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[Austria / 1999 / WKN / Martial Industrial / 192kbps]

1 Untitled 3:25
2 Untitled 2:41
3 Untitled 3:53
4 Untitled 2:37
5 Untitled 3:51
6 Untitled 5:12
7 Untitled 3:13
8 Untitled 2:43
9 Untitled 4:36
10 Untitled 1:46
11 Untitled 4:16
12 Untitled 5:01
13 Untitled 8:29



  1. This album is the first I bought from the band and obviously it is my favourite!

  2. Der Blutharsch have started to notice the effect of people downloading their music. If you want to see new albums of either, you should consider buying the MP3`s on itunes, or the cd... else, what you got might be all you get...