Saturday, March 27, 2010

Black Shape of Nexus & Kodiak - Split 12"

Black Shape Of Nexus

"Nexus", the centre of something, or a connection, as any dictionary will tell you. Appropriately for BLACK SHAPE OF NEXUS as the suffocating heaviness of their music functions either way – they can be the centre of your worst nightmares or the connection to all those dark places where you don’t ever want to go. Or both. Pummelling you with painfully slow doom and finishing you off with acrid, harsh drones, B·SON give down-tempo a whole new meaning.

Their discography so far also shows a band not afraid to step outside the established norms, following the staggering doom of the self-titled 2007 debut with a limitededition drone album, the immensely scary "Microbarome Meetings".

If their records alone are enough to never let you sleep comfortably at night again, wait until you catch them on stage, when all the bitterness and slow-burning aggression of their songs come out in a terribly intense form – the guitars howl, the bass thumps, the keys are hammered into submission and the drums are beaten to within an inch of their sorry lives, all while vocalist Malte Seidel releases his almighty roar like an enraged caged bear would.

Escaping easy categorization or stylistic limits, focusing on weight and darkness, B·SON’s black sonic miasma needs to be experienced.


"Their sound excels as a mixture of monolithic ultraheavy compositions with expressionistic poems. Their algid songs consist of long monotonous build-ups (comparable to a long lonely haunting trip through the arctic) and some seldom parts of eruption, disembarrassment and hope. the perfect soundtrack for a picnic in the middle of nowhere."

New stuff from these two bands based in Germany. Mastered by James Plotkin so get ready for more then half an hour full of doom an dronish music. Fits perfectly on a saturday morning.

[ Denovali Records / 2010 / Doom/Drone / CBR@192 ]

01. Black Shape Of Nexus - VIIIe (22:00)
02. Kodiak - Town of Machine (16:48)

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  1. Check out Black Shape Of Nexus live. They destroyed Wroclaw recently!!!