Friday, March 12, 2010

The Dillinger Escape Plan - Option Paralysis

The Dillinger Escape Plan had become dissatisfied with the music industry and music media, and decided to created their own record label to release their fourth studio-album. Commenting on the dissolving "indie band culture", guitarist Ben Weinman stated, "Back in the day there were record labels that you trusted, loved and you bought everything on it and you discovered a lot of great new music because of it. You listen to every single song back to front a million times, it'd be worn out to death before you moved onto another record. You'd read everything in the booklet, you'd read all the lyrics, you'd read all the notes, you'd discover something new."[4] The Dillinger Escape Plan announced their departure from Relapse Records in 2009. The band created their own label, Party Smasher Inc., an imprint of French record label Season of Mist. The label was originally erroneously reported to be called Photogenic Records.[5][6] The band has stated that Party Smasher is not technically a record label but a "creative umbrella" for all things related to The Dillinger Escape Plan. In an interview with Alternative Press, Weinman stated, "Well, I should clarify that it's not exactly our attempt to run a record label. That's not something we could be good at, and it's obviously not something anybody's good at these days. [Laughs] It's more a situation where we now have a name for this umbrella that covers every business and artistic decision we make–whether it's Dillinger, side projects or whatever.

(Taken from Wiki)

Yeah friday! And so it comes, here's the new Dillinger Escape Plan record. Mosh it all away.

[ Party Smasher / Mathcore / 2010 / 192kbs ]

01. Farewell, Mona Lisa
02. Good Neighbor
03. Gold Teeth On A Bum
04. Crystal Morning
05. Endless Endings
06. Widower
07. Room Full Of Eyes
08. Chinese Whispers
09. I Wouldn't If You Didn't
10. Parasitic Twins

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