Monday, March 29, 2010

Dominik Eulberg - Sensorika

Dominik Eulberg, born in 1978 in Westerwald, Germany is an electronic music artist and DJ who has released numerous singles as well as full-length albums on labels such as cocoon recordings and Traum Schallplatten. He occasionally works as park ranger in German National parks, an occupation he plans to pursue full time in the near future after retiring from music.

All kinds of sounds of nature set out the repertoire of sounds in his songs and give an organic, vivid character to his tracks.
From the croaking of frogs to the cackling of birds, Dominik Eulberg always finds enough room for singing animals in his songs. That can be seen clearly if you look at some of his track titles, such as for example "Basstölpel” (bass gannet).

(taken from

[ Traum Schallplatten | 2009 | Minimal Techno | 320kbps | 36:26 |

1. Aurora - 10:08
2. Sansula (oder der letzte Grund) - 9:19
3. Sansula (Max Cooper's Lost in Sound Remix) - 8:06
4. Sansula (Jonas Koop's Dubfreak Remix) - 8:53


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