Saturday, March 27, 2010

VA - Falling Down Compilation II

This compilation is in one word fan-fucking-tastic. Yep, this will be a fasten-your-seatbelt-because-I'm-praising-this-shit-to-the-skies kind of review.

Quality music doesn't grow on trees. Luckily two French students decided to bring some of the quality together. Basically the idea behind the Falling Down Compilations is that of a fancy wine and cigar gala for a forward-thinking alignment of musicians. The good news is this compilation is your VIP pass to that exclusive party. Because exclusive it is, as Falling Down strictly features previously unreleased tracks of practically unknown (read: underground) bands that are tremendously talented and born to set the world on fire sooner or later.

This is really my type of compilation, y'know. It satiates a large chunk of my musical appetite (sludge, post-metal, a bit of stoner and ambient here and there, even doom, drone and grindcore on select occasions) and there aren't really any big names on it (unless you're from some parallel elitist universe where The Ocean, God Is An Astronaut and Ufomammut fall under the category of big names). Anyway, there's plenty of room to discover something new. In short you're in for a treat as this thing is packed with novelties, rarities and little pearls that keep the audience mesmerized the whole ride long.

Describing 26 bands and over two and a half hours worth of ecstasy inducting music would take us too far. Let's just keep it short and say that even if you're not the biggest fan of this music (although the scope is very varied) there will still be enough tracks kindling your interest. Some songs will bring out some weird state of psychedelic excitement. Some songs are enormously sultry, oppressive, strained and even desolate. Then you have songs that will leave you lost in delirium. While some other songs are pure stunning madness at its very best.

So is this compilation the guy that pushed you off the edge of the world? Or is it the parachute? Or is it the cushion that'll break your fall? Well, the truth is, there never was any solid ground, and there never will be. This compilation is the vast nothingness of outer space in which you'll keeping falling... and falling... and falling. If you like slogans "Falling Down will literally sweep you off your feet" would be a good one.

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Hell yeah. This compilation should be praised to heaven. A lot of unreleased tracks from some of the greatest bands around the sludge/doom/post-rock scene. Grab it, enjoy it!

[ Fallingdownzine / 2010 / Sludge/Doom/Drone/Post-Rock / v0 ]

01. Across tundras - Final breath over venom falls (6:45)
02. Monachus (previously known as Icos) - Februari (8:24)
03. White hills - Heads on fire (6:01)
04. Ocoai - La main electrique (7:05)
05. Farflung - R-complex (5:39)
06. Impure Wilhelmina - Cold fever (5:40)
07. Time to burn - Elena Djinn (3:31)
08. Gnaw their tongues - We breath hate and spit fire from our mouths (4:56)
09. The poisoned glass - Silent vigil (8:08)
10. Kalvria - .N (6:32)
11. U.S. Christmas - Lazarus (live) (6:57)
12. Kingdom - Ruina. Where men go to die (4:07)
13. Kalkh-In(Joy) Erode - Xwck (3:24)

14. Kongh - Thunders collide (5:20)
15. Tesa - Untitled (7:54)
16. Omega massif - Am abgrund (5:43)
17. Kodiak - By the sea (7:49)
18. When Icarus falls - Nyx (5:09)
19. The ocean - Asslickers, inc. (6:03)
20. Kehlvin - Who by fire (5:05)
21. Jucifer - Marianas (3:12)
22. Ufomammut - Astrodronaut (6:11)
23. God is an astronaut - Shining trough (6:25)
24. Солярис - Mirage (8:57)
25. Taint - Black rain (live) (4:38)
26. Mumakil - Dawn of slugs (1:41)