Thursday, March 25, 2010

Brant Bjork - Gods & Goddesses

This line up did not last long, as shortly after “Blues for the Red Sun” was released, Oliveri left and Bjork followed the same path soon after the band’s famed release, “Welcome To Sky Valley” in 1994. The same year, Bjork helped produce his surfing buddies Fu Manchu “No One Rides For Free”. Bjork then joined on as the drummer and helped release albums such as 1997’s “Action Is Go”, 1999’s “Eatin’ Dust”, 2000’s “King Of The Road” and 2001’s “California Crossing”.

During this whole time period, Bjork also built up Duna Records (formerly called El Camino Records). From this label launched Bjork’s solo career beginning with the revered 1999’s “Jalamanta”. Other solo realeases include “Keep Your Cool” and “Local Angel”. Also he has put out “Brant Bjork & The Operators” in 2002 and “Saved by Magic” by Brant Bjork and the Bros in 2005. Apart from his blossoming solo career, he has also put together Che with Alfredo Hernandez (ironic because Hernandez replaced him as the drummer for Kyuss) and Dave Dinsmore of Unida.

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This man is a living legend for his works in bands like Kyuss or Fu-Manchu, also working on the first QOTSA studio album as drummer with Josh Homme. This is his new album from 2010 so enjoy!

[ Low Desert Punk / 2010 / Stoner-Rock / CBR@192 ]

01 Dirty Bird (02:48)
02 The Future Rock (We Got It) (03:56)
03 Radio Mecca (03:54)
04 Little World (05:02)
05 Blowin' Up Shop (03:20)
06 Good Time Bonnie (03:49)
07 Porto (03:50)
08 Somewhere Some Woman (05:49)

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