Saturday, March 20, 2010

Asunder - A Clarion Call

Asunder is a funeral doom/death metal band that formed in 1998 and hails from Oakland, California. They have been active since their formation and recently released Works Will Come Undone on Profound Lore Records. Their songs have become longer and more sorrowful.

(taken from

[ Life Is Abuse/Nuclear War Now! | 2004 | Funeral Doom | 192kbps | 40:25 ]

1. Twilight Amaranthine - 14:56
2. Crown of Eyes - 13:27
3. A Clarion Call - 12:02



  1. A Clarion Call, which is a delicious, relaxed, plodding sludgy doom metal EP full of dark (but somehow not depressing) goodness. It consists of 4 songs: Twilight Amaranthine, Crown of Eyes, A Clarion Call, and a random untitled track.