Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sol Invictus - Trees In Winter

Sol Invictus is an English neofolk and neoclassical group fronted by Tony Wakeford.
Wakeford founded Sol Invictus in order to pursue his own musical ideas. He was an original member of Crisis and Death In June with Douglas P… He formed Sol Invictus in 1987, working with Ian Read and Karl Blake. He has been the sole constant of the group, as it continues to bring forth new forms and conceptions.


Probably my favorite Sol Invictus release, so many classic songs on this one...


[UK / 1990 / Tursa / Neo-folk / v2]

1 English Murder 7:24
2 Sawney Bean 4:13
3 Gold Is King 6:42
4 Media 2:26
5 Looking For Europe 3:45
6 Here We Stand 4:12
7 Michael 3:37
8 Deceit 4:37
9 Blood Of Summer 2:59
10 Trees In Winter 3:51


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