Thursday, March 11, 2010

Skepticism - Lead and Aether

Finland’s Skepticism is one of the pioneers of funeral doom metal. Combining painfully slow Doom/Death Metal styled riffs, solemn keyboards and sparse percussion with deep growling, boundaries were pushed once again.

The band uses four instruments: drums, played with felt beaters, keyboards with organ pedals, guitar, and vocals. With this, they create songs that are both within the range of contemporary doom metal in terms of heaviness and slowness, yet far beyond the range of others where atmosphere and sound is considered.

Besides the music, Skepticism purposefully create a mysterious and abstract atmosphere, in terms of lyrics, artwork, contact with the outside world, and performance.

(Taken from

[Red Stream Inc (USA) / Funeral Doom Metal / 1998 / VBR@223kbs]

01. The Organium (06:41)
02. The March and the Stream (10:34)
03. The Falls (08:43)
04. Forge (05:49)
05. Edges (06:10)
06. Aether (09:49)

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