Sunday, March 7, 2010

Have a Nice Life - Time of Land EP

Have a Nice Life is a shoegaze / industrial / new wave hybrid duo from Middletown, Connecticut, United States formed in year 2000.

It is the brainchild of Tim Macuga, black metal experimentalist in Nahvalr and songwriter for the classic Western Massachusetts hardcore band The Danger Strangers, and Dan Barrett, singer of the ghost music project Giles Corey and the now-defunct In Pieces.

HANL released their first full-length record in January of 2008, a double-album entitled Deathconsciousness.

The two discs (entitled The Plow that Broke the Plains and The Future, respectively) feature music spanning over five years of collaboration between the two artists, and are accompanied by a 75-page booklet on medieval Italian heretics in lieu of liner notes. The album was entirely self-released, right down to the hand-painted discs, and put out via the Enemies List Home Recordings label.

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What a lovely sunday! This is the new EP from Have a Nice Life. Their first album two years ago was stunning as fuck and combined such genres as shoegaze and metal together with ambient, drone or post-rock. This is completely new material from the guys, enjoy!

01 Wizard of the Black Hundreds
02 Woe Untos Us
03 The Parhelic Circle
04 The Icon and the Axe

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