Thursday, March 25, 2010

Coldworld - Melancholie²

ColdWorld was created in Germany in the year 2005 by G.B., the only member.

ColdWorld’s first demo, “The Stars Are Dead Now”, was released via Ancient Dreams Prod. and limited to 100 copies. “Melancholie²”, ColdWorld’s debut album, was released in April 2008 via Cold Dimensions.

ColdWorld combines melodic Black Metal with influences from Ambient / Electronic and a breath of classical music. The centre stage takes the music with its sweeping melodies and icy atmosphere. ColdWorld’s music is music that forces fine-tuned listening and allows the listener submerge his/herself within a very special, cold world. ColdWorld leaves behind conventional, traditional Black Metal and brings forth new possibilities when it comes to song-writing and interpretation.

(Taken from

[ Cold Dimensions / 2008 / Atmospheric Black Metal / CBR@320 ]

01. Dream of a Dead Sun (07:29)
02. Tortured by Solitude (06:08)
03. Winterreise (04:01)
04. Schmerzens Schreie (05:40)
05. Red Snow (08:28)
06. Stille (01:18)
07. Hymn to Eternal Frost (05:52)
08. My Dead Bride (02:39)
09. Escape (07:32)

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