Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Red Sparowes - The Fear Is Excruciating, But Therein Lies the Answer

Red Sparowes is a post-rock band formed in Los Angeles, California, United States, comprising current and former members of Isis, Neurosis, Halifax Pier, Samsara, Angel Hair and Pleasure Forever. Their sound is characteristic of soundscape-influenced experimental rock, with an otherwise uncommon extensive use of a pedal steel guitar.

Red Sparowes formed in 2003 as another project for its members: Bryant Clifford Meyer, Greg Burns, Josh Graham, Jeff Caxide, and Dana Berkowitz. Andy Arahood and david clifford joined the band after the release of Red Sparowes’ debut album, At The Soundless Dawn, as replacements for departed Caxide and Berkowitz respectively.

Through signing to Neurot Recordings, Neurosis’ record label, Red Sparowes toured with The Dillinger Escape Plan and Made Out of Babies in 2004 after recording demos for their debut album. The debut was recorded in late May of 2004 by engineer Desmond Shea, with the resulting sound in the vein of guitarist Bryant Clifford Meyer and Jeff Caxide’s band Isis, Chicago post-rock/metal outfit Pelican, and New Zealand post-rock band Jakob. Members Jeff Caxide and Dana Berkowitz relocated in late 2004, thus forcing them out of the band.

Red Sparowes’ first studio album, At The Soundless Dawn, was released in February of 2005, following guitarist Bryant Clifford Meyer’s other band, Isis, in their initial tours in support of Panopticon. Shortly after this release, a split 12” was released with Gregor Samsa.

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What else is there to add? I've been waiting for this record quite a while now and so I'm happy to share this one with you guys. Let's give it a spin!

[ Sargent House / 2010 / Post-Rock / VBR@v0 ]

01. Truths arise (1:49)
02. In illusions of order (7:36)
03. A hail of bombs (4:21)
04. Giving birth to imagined saviors (6:06)
05. A swarm (7:10)
06. In every mind (3:06)
07. A mutiny (5:31)
08. As each end looms and subside (7:16)

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