Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Arms and Sleepers - Matador

Arms and Sleepers began one night in the back of an ambulance in Cambridge. In an alleyway a man was bleeding with a cassette player in hand, the play button still on. What sounded like recordings of a gospel choir blared from the tin speaker, while down the street a jazz band could be heard.

The man was dying. He dropped the cassette player on the cement and closed his eyes, the sound carrying through the air into his ears for one last time. Though this moment in time died with him, his cassette lived on — and Arms and Sleepers were born.

Persistent international touring and constant dissemination of their sounds makes Arms and Sleepers a worthy opponent for the typical temporal constraints that can befall a band. Having issued a series of limited edition releases and the well-received Bliss Was it in That Dawn to be Alive EP (Fake Chapter) in 2007, Black Paris 86 is their debut full-length on Expect Candy Records (DE).

A tight and intense record, listening to it feels like sitting in a cinema, watching landscapes, beauty and tragedy - feeling warm and safe while a hint of mystery seems to whisper that not everything is ok out there.

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1. Orly
2. Matador
3. The architekt
4. Twentynine palms
5. Helvetica
6. The international
7. Simone
8. Kino
9. Words are for sleeping
10. The paramour

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