Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cream Abdul Babar - The Catalyst to Ruins

"Blow by blow, Cream Abdul Babar takes you into their chaotic world of experimentation and destruction. Imagine your head in a meat grinder and you know what you're getting into with these guys. Screaming, pain, churning guitars, and eerie repetition are what makes this band what they are. There are times when I'm convinced my eardrums are tearing, no joke, but it's just some of the insane sounds that the CAB rock machine produces. To keep it short and sweet, you'll like Cream Abdul Babar if you like mayhem and chaos in your music."

1. Kill People
2. It's hard to Sue when you're laughing
3. E is for Intelligent
4. A Guid to Home Ownership
5. Blown Goat
6. Blast and Damn
7. Todd Space is my Nightjob
8. T.D.R
9. Attack Ships on Fire
10. Empire of the Dead
11. Specialization is for Insects

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