Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ready, Set, Go!

Hey folks!

Long time no see here - I know. December was full of trouble and as only two people are running this blog till now we just didn't find the time to post more updates. Now the holiday season is gone, hooray, and we just started into 2010 we just felt in the mood to relaunch the blog and terrorize you again with a lot of ugly and boring music.

Two things will change for now. There will no longer be files uploaded to Megaupload and especially Rapidshare. I know some blokes here leeched their files from Rapidshare, but it took me more the four hours on monday to get one single rar file via Rapidshare. And this is pissing me off as I prefer free hosters with no limit and waiting time like Mediafire. Don't worry, there will be mirrors to the files in the future, but we will be using RGHost.ru and iFolder.ru next to good old Mediafire.

I recommend you to use RGHost.ru from now on. No waiting time, no ads and you get good speeds, mostly over 300kb/sec. For iFolder I'm going to put up a tutorial how to leech from there as it is only using russian. Good thing on both filehosters is that the files stay up like forever without getting used. So there will be lesse dead links.

Second thing that is going to change ist the team. A mate of mine, q_uiz just offered us some help, and every kind of help is welcome. So he will set you up with some nice stuff form his media liberary. And believe me, his gusto in music is not bad.

Last thing on the list is this one. We're looking for one or maybe two folks who would like to support our blog and upload stuff. If anyone here feels the need to help just drop as a line in the shoutbox or via mail.

Cheers, a happy new year to you all and now let's get back to business!
CultOfRuins Team.


  1. Welcome back!
    Always interesting to see what's next.

  2. glad the drought is over...have a fun & productive year guys, and thanks for everything.

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