Monday, January 11, 2010

East Of The Wall + Year Of No Light + Rosetta - Split

Born from the dissolution of the Postman Syndrome, East of the Wall formed in 2005 in Gunnison Beach, New Jersey, United States as bass guitarist Brett Bamberger (Biclops; ex Day Without Dawn, Postman Syndrome) and drummer Mike Somers (ex Postman Syndrome) joining forces with guitarist Jeff Speidell (Delft). The self-titled EP that followed was noteworthy for its duplicitous nature, straddling the line between an engulfing ambience and crushing force.
Yet one more band started after too many Belgian beers under the sun of the ending summer of 2001, Year of No Light slightly but undoubtly started to slide down to gloomier atmospheres as the inherent chaos of Bordeaux’s caves and harshness of winter made their common work.
Philadelphia quartet Rosetta push the boundaries between metal, progressive, post-rock, space rock and hardcore, providing an experimental songwriting technique filled with chaos and atmospherics. A band whose sounds range from Pink Floydian / progressive rock sonic layering to walls of pure static ambience to crushing, sweeping sludgey riffage.
(All taken from
Including a great cover of the song Homesick (The Cure) by Rosetta.

1. East Of The Wall - Scumbrella (Mud Button)
2. East Of The Wall - Scumbrella (Silt)
3. East Of The Wall - Scumbrella (Dirt Merchant)
4. Year Of No Light - Cimmeria
5. Year Of No Light - Metanoia
6. Rosetta - Homesick

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