Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Couldron - Four Winds

Back in the early days of this column, Couldron were one of the first bands to sign up for a review, and (fortunately for me as a writer, fan, and friend) the group continues to make interesting, compelling metal that can withstand even the harshest of critcisms. If I had one single complaint with 2004's Couldron EP, it was that the band was young and trying to carve their own niche in the crowded sludge metal scene. Some could even say calling Couldron similar to bands like ISIS, Neurosis, Godflesh, et al. is not unlike the pot calling the kettle black so to speak; Couldron played their music well, but they still needed some growth away from their influences to find their own sound.

Maybe it's the lineup changes (new bassist Tariq joined early last year), but to these set of rather jaded ears Four Winds sees Couldron emerging from the darker recesses of sludge with a distinct identity full of exciting possibilities. Like I said earlier, the original Couldron EP was an excellent work of atmospheric sludge, well-crafted yet lacking in a sense of massive innovation perhaps. Four Winds rectifies this minor shortcoming, the band still being as in control of their spaced out meanderings as before, but new undertones of filthy rock 'n roll, thrash, and even harsh industrial noise popping up. It almost seems as if the band has developed a sense of advanced psychic understanding, as the entire disc has a psychotic sense of telepathy to it; for every surprise here, every intriguing nuance, Couldron make you believe they've had it planned from the get-go. It is this sense of drive that propels the EP forward, and makes it that much more devastating than its predecessor.

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1. Four Winds
2. The Witness
3. The Behemoth
4. Fear for Waking
5. Walk away

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  1. just to mention that track 2 appears to be corrupted. the other tracks are ok.