Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Causa Sui - Summer Sessions Vol. 1

Causa Sui (meaning cause of itself in Latin) is four Danes in their early/mid-twenties, who have made and released music together since before they were teenagers in various genres.
Causa Sui is not the hipster’s unintelligent 60ies-look nostagia music, not a scholar’s sad search for the most complex of compositions, nor a neanderthal take on sludgy riffs. This is free music – all written, shaped, played and produced by the band during 9 months of isolation.

Imagine the furious haze of manic Hendrix and Blue Cheer jamming with a young Iggy Pop, recorded and seamlessly layered by krautrockers Can. It’s untamed music picked up from the late 60s, not looking back at zeitgeists and other limitations, picking up different trails on the way, wrapped in a complex, but soundwise warm and simple jacket.

Play loud indeed!

(Taken from last.fm)

1. Visions of Summer
2. Red Sun In June
3. Portixeddu
4. Soledad

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  1. Brilliant stuff, I can't wait to get the re-release of the 3 sessions together in vinyl.

    very good blog btw

  2. I ordered the 3 cd release yesterday because I can't wait!

  3. When I unarchive the mediafire download I get Vol.2
    Any idea where I can get Vol.1?
    - thanX!

  4. Yes, it is vol.2 instead of vol.1 ...