Thursday, January 7, 2010

Psychotic Waltz - Bleeding

Psychotic Waltz is a progressive-hippie (!) metal band from San Diego, California. They were formed in 1986 and recorded four studio albums in ninetees. Original line-up included Buddy Lackey on vocals, Dan Rock and Brian McAlpin on guitars, Ward Evans (Slojkowski) on bass and Norman Leggio on drums. In 1994 Ward was replaced by Phil Cuttino, and in 1996 Brian decided to quit the band, giving the place to Steve Cox.

(Taken from

1. Faded
2. Locust
3. Morbid
4. Bleeding
5. Need
6. Drift
7. Northern Lights
8. Sleep
9. My Grave
10. Skeleton
11. Freedom?

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  1. Great band! Very underrated...
    Their best album is mosquito if you ask me

  2. Bleeding always worked the best for me, it flows really nicely. I don't think they ever released something bad, though.

  3. descargando....

    muchas gracias por postear este gran musica