Thursday, January 14, 2010

Graupel - Auf Alten Wegen

Graupel are a German black metal band formed in 1995; lineup initially included three members of the superb Nagelfar, but currently only vocalist Zingultus of the original lineup and Gnarl (joined in 1997, also of Verdunkeln) are from the now defunct band. Musically, they’re along the lines of earlier Nagelfar with an added edge of obscurity and icy blasting.

(Taken from

1. Heimkehr
2. Saat Zieht Zeit
3. Die Notglocke
4. Der Alte Weg
5. Requies Filii
6. Soll Und Sein
7. Von Der Gunst Zur Schelte
8. Glück Der Söhne
9. Ein Sterbelied Auf Metall
10. Blutend Weiß

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  1. With its relatively rough, somewhat tinny production and lack of distinguishing traits, _Auf Alten Wegen..._ is unlikely to turn many heads; yet those who find time to investigate may well find some surprising rewards inside.