Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mount Eerie - Lost Wisdom

Mount Eerie represents the latest evolution of Phil Elverum’s musical vision. Formerly known as The Microphones, Phil changed his project’s name to Mount Eerie while maintaining his subtle, lo-fi, and lyrically dense fuzz-folk aesthetic.

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What a beauty this record is. Just above 23 minutes of wonderful dreamy lo-fi folk with both male and female vocals. Based on this record it's hard to imagine how Mount Eerie could ever open for a Wolves in the Throne Room show, but they actually do so in February - mostly of course because one of Elverum's favorite bands is Xasthur and he introduced black metal aesthetics in his music on the 2009 record "Wind's Poem" which I'll share soon.

1. Lost Wisdom
2. Voice in Headphones
3. You Swan Go On
4. Who?
5. Flaming Home
6. What?
7. If We Knew...
8. With My Hands Out
9. O My Heart
10. Grave Robbers

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