Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Comus - First Utterance

Taking their name from a character in a John Milton poem, Comus was a short-lived yet powerful folk-rock band that seems to have made an attempt to mix elements of progressive rock with the influences of Pentangle, Fairport Convention and other more traditional folk outfits. Their debut, First Utterance (1971), was followed by To Keep From Crying in 1974, moving into even more experimental sounds. Original copies of the first album still command remarkable prices, despite recent reissues by BGO in the U.K. and Si-Wan in Asia.

Their “Complete Collection” has also now been issued on CD, which is well worth a listen , not least for “Children of the Universe”.

(Taken from

1. Diana
2. The Herald
3. Drip Drip
4. Song to Comus
5. The Bite
6. Bitten
7. The Prisoner


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