Thursday, January 7, 2010

Saxon Shore - It doesn't matter

At the time of recording The Exquisite Death… in June 2005, Matthew Doty (guitar, keyboards) was still working with line-up changes, keeping Stephen Roessner (drums, percussion) and Matthew Stone (guitar) as the only full-time members of the live group. It was not until the band’s spring 2006 Japan tour that William Stichter (bass) and Oliver Chapoy (guitar, keyboards) came on board full time. The sound of this new, five-member group was what Saxon Shore wanted to capture with a new album.

When rehearsals and demo sessions started, the group had maintained a consistent line-up for nearly four years. While Doty continued to handle the primary aspects of the writing, he opened more space in the framework for creative input. Oliver Chapoy, who previously handled programming in the band, shifted to guitar. Stichter anchored many of the melodies heard in tracks like “Tweleven” and “This Place.” Roessner utilized his classical music training to perform timpani, vibes and celeste for various songs on the album. And Stone further developed his signature guitar tone with unique amplification techniques and pedals. The album also added two ideas Doty had wanted to experiment with for years - vocals, courtesy of Caroline Lufkin on “This Place.” and a string arrangement by Roessner and Chapoy on “Small Steps.”

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This one comes from the heart as I went out last night to see the guys playing in Nuremberg. And the fourty people that attended the show were lucky punters. Wonderfull post-rock with very intense and loud parts (reminding me on some Russian Circles stuff). If you have the chance dig them on their European Tour due January. The band said it's okay to post their stuff, so here comes the new record "It doesn't matter"


1. Nothing Changes
2. Thanks for being away
3. Tweleven
4. This Place
5. Sustained Combustion
6. Bar Clearing good Times
7. What keeps us up
8. Small Steps
9. Tokyo 4:12 am
10. Goodnight, so long
11. Amber, Ember, Glow
12. Secret Fire, Blinding Light


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