Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cross My Heart - Temporary Contemporary

Cross My Heart was a band on Deep Elm Records. They have one full length named Temporary Contemporary , a self-titled EP, and an EP named The Reason I Failed History. They broke up around 2001-2002.

(Taken from last.fm)

This album is a gem I discovered through a friend. For me, it's the pinnacle of 90s emo (although it was released in January 2000 - it still counts), it will grab you by the heart and never let go.

1. The Great Depression
2. Tonight We'll Light Ourselves On Fire
3. Paris
4. London Bridge
5. With Bells On
6. Infinity Doesn't Live Here Anymore
7. Self-Loathing Bastard
8. Angels & Gargoyles
9. How Slowly We Forget

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