Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Decrepit Birth - Polarity

Decrepit Birth is a band formed in 2001 by Matt Sotelo - guitars, Bill Robinson - vocals, and Derek Boyer – bass. Originally the intention was to play devastating, brutal, technical death metal, mixed with influences from the early 1990’s Florida death metal scene. Since Matt and Derek had at one time both played in Southern California band, Deprecated, it was easy for the two of them to begin collaborating on material for the first full length Decrepit Birth album “…And Time Begins”.

In Fall of 2002, with the help of friend Tim Yeung on session drums, they entered Legion Studios to begin recording. Almost a year later “…And Time Begins” was released on Unique Leader Records, artwork by Dan Seagrave. The album had production issues but still managed to forge a very solid fan base in the death metal scene. The band went through a dry period of playing no shows due to the lack of a drummer. Bassist Derek Boyer got the chance of a lifetime and was offered a full time position with death metal legends Suffocation. That left Decrepit Birth with out a drummer or bassist.

During 2004, bassist Risha Eryavec stepped in and not long after that, drummer KC Howard of Odius Mortem officially joined the band as well. For the next couple years the new lineup played many shows, fests and one North American tour. In 2007 the band took a break and began writing full time for the new album.

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Now something new from me to the blog. I serve you the newest release of some perfect technical death metal. If you haven't heard this genre yet, check it out. It's worth that. Enjoy it!

Decrepit Birth - Polarity

(Nuclear Blast Records / 2010 / Technical Death Metal / 224 kbp/s)

01. (A Departure Of The Sun) Ignite The Tesla Coil 6:35
02. Metatron 4:16
03. Resonance 3:46
04. Polarity 4:29
05. Solar Impulse 2:56
06. Mirroring Dimensions 3:39
07. A Brief Odyssey In Time 1:03
08. The Quickening Of Time 2:44
09. Sea Of Memoties 2:25
10. Symbiosis 4:26
11. Darkness Embrace 2:26


CRC Track 4