Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Kingdom - Hemeltraan

These two underground masters of the head trip combine forces for this lethal long-playing untitled track of subterranean mind games. This collaboration goes through purposefully blurred cycles of calm and anxiety that flow like a well-paced narrative. The beginning of the track is misleading because its drifting guitars, droning electronics, and occasional chimes and rumbles have a near-mystical quality. In fact, as nice as it is, I was initially afraid that an entire album of such a mood might lose its power by the time it finished. Turns out that this was merely a false sense of security because the music suddenly takes a nasty turn after about 13 minutes. What had been calming is now discordant, the tension and volume increasing in equal measure. From there it keeps evolving subtly, coming to a harrowing peak with churning feedback amid crackling distortion. Thankfully, it mellows with a much-needed respite of cleans tones and gentle bursts of bass. This ending isn't quite soothing, but it is still effective at counteracting the gnarled tangles that preceded it. The ever-unfolding nuances of this recording are fascinating whether calm and relaxed or swollen to bewildering heights.

I've been waiting for this record and yeah, it's one of my most favorite records this year. Great mix of sludge, ambient and doom. Get it and love it!

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1. Bruma 05:19
2. Cendre 04:07
3. Gemis 04:44
4. Wiech .: 03:26
5. Throne 05:38
6. Altema 08:28
7. Ruina.Where Men Go to Die 04:00
8. A Quiet 07:53
9. Rivers Rage 05:12
10. Elude .: 06:58