Monday, July 26, 2010

LSD and the Search for God - LSD and the Search for God

LSD and the Search for God is a shoegaze/noise-rock band from San Francisco, California formed in 2006. They have released one self titled EP. The members of the band include Chris Fifield (guitar), Sophia Campbell (vocals), Caleb Rush (bass), Kevin Crouse (drums), and Andy Liszt (guitar/vocals).

(taken from

[ Mind Expansion | 2008 | Psychedelic Shoegaze | 320kbps | 22:01 ]

1. This Time - 3:18
2. I Don't Care - 4:02
3. Backwards - 4:18
4. Starting Over - 5:04
5. Starshine - 5:19



  1. I just wanted to say thanks for this,and for some of your other posts-you deserve a larger following and I will certainly encourage people to take a look at your blog...cheers!!

  2. Great Blog man! grettings from Punta arenas - Chile, and thanks for this

  3. You've got a killer fuckin' music taste, man! Keep 'em coming.