Friday, July 2, 2010

Between Silence and Sound

Hey there folks,
long time no see, eh? I bet you are wondering why we haven't posted anything in the last weeks. I was at the hellfest (still trying to get in shape again), fullmoonstruck blew up his computer and our friend q_uiz is on holiday in bulgaria after finishing his grammar school. We got the world cup on the television right now, too. And as you know, we European guys prefer soccer instead of football and spend most of the day sitting in the sun to watch the games.
But be prepared, on sunday we hit the spot again with some nice releases. 

Cheers and thanks for all the support,
CultOfRuins Team


  1. "between silence and sound"

    Nice title!

    Good to know you're still above ground.

  2. Need stuff!
    hurry back!

  3. Understand the conflict of interests...remaining games look intriguing eh? Pity Ghana were cheated out of the semis though.

  4. nice to see you back

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