Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Urfaust - Einsiedler

The Einsiedler EP from Urfaust displays the latest refinements the Dutch duo have made to their unique approach to black metal. While the two songs on Einsiedler are very similar to the band’s work on recent releases like last year’s Drei Rituale jenseits des Kosmos, Urfaust’s style seems to be less and less identifiable with black metal, instead moving toward more of an abstract, ambient-based approach. Fortunately, this evolution serves to broaden rather than dull the impact of the band’s music.

The two tracks on Einsiedler are rather curiously named for the two members of the band. The lengthier ‘IX: der Einsiedler’ is very much in the vein of the tracks on Drei Rituale…. Guitars and keyboards provide a dense background, while Willem’s typical bizarre wailings give the song a haunting, melancholic atmosphere.

The second track ‘Verderber’ is a bit of a departure, in that it is driven by a very basic, stripped-down, repeated guitar motif, which is supplemented by Willem’s usual unintelligible shrieking. Both tracks are simple yet effective, and while this EP sounds on the whole calmer and less disturbed than Urfaust’s last EP, I found the music to be no less enjoyable.

There’s not much else to say except that Urfaust fans will not be disappointed by this release, and while it’s perhaps not a great starting point for someone who hasn’t heard the band before, it’s definitely one of their most ‘accessible’ releases.

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Latest EP from Urfaust released in 2009. This release is including scans of the booklet, cover and back in high quality. Enjoy!

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01. IX - Der Einsiedler (12:07)
02. Verderber (06:50)

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