Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Set Fire To Flames - Sings Reign Rebuilder

Set Fire To Flames is a post-rock band of thirteen musicians from Montreal, Canada, formed in 1999, who have released two albums on Alien8 Recordings or FatCat Recordings depending on where you live.

Both albums were recorded “in states of little or no sleep, in varying levels of intoxication, and in physical confinement,” with the result being brooding, eerie music. The material for their first album Signs Reign Rebuilder was created over five days in a dilapidated old apartment in Montreal and is a mixture of improvisation, composition, and environment noises. Their sophomore double album Telegraphs in Negative / Mouths Trapped In Static was recorded in a barn in rural Ontario; the sounds of the creaking doors and other background noise are heard in the songs.

Many of their tracks are very minimalist in nature, filled with ambient noise and various other non-musical sound effects, juxtaposed or combined with instrumental music.

The band is often considered a side-project of Godspeed You! Black Emperor, and the two musical ensembles share several members.

(taken from

[ Alien8 Recordings/FatCat Recordings | 2001 | Post-Rock | 320kbps | 1:13:17 ]

1. I Will Be True - 2:39
2. Vienna Arcweld - 13:45
3. Steal Compass - 6:12
4. Wild Dogs Of The Thunderbolt - 4:54
5. Omaha - 6:16
6. There Is No Dance In Frequency - 4:16
7. Cote D'Abrahams Room Tone - 4:35
8. Love Song For 15 Ontario - 3:19
9. Injur- Gutted Two-Track - 2:49
10. When I First Get To Phoenix - 3:12
11. Shit-Heap-Gloria Of The New Town Planning... - 10:50
12. Jesus, Pop - 1:42
13. Esquimalt Harbour - 2:16
14. Two Years In A Bucket - 3:43



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