Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Mouth of the Architect - Discography

Mouth of the Architect is an American atmospheric sludge metal band from Dayton, Ohio, creating music influenced by and similar to Neurosis, Isis, Pelican, Cult of Luna, and various post-metal bands.

The band formed in 2003 with the lineup of Jason Watkins, Gregory Lahm, Dave Mann, Alex Vernon and Derik Sommer.

They released their first album Time & Withering in 2004 to positive reviews.

Soon after the band released a split with label mates Kenoma in 2006, their second album The Ties That Blind was released in August, and featured Brent Hinds of Mastodon on guest vocals on one track. To support The Ties That Blind, the band toured extensively around the United States, first with These Arms Are Snakes in late 2006, then with 400 Blows and Unsane in May and June of 2007.

Their latest album, Quietly, was recorded after Lahm in turn left the band, with Vernon returning alongside newcomer Steve Brooks to jointly handle guitars and vocals, with Kevin Schindel providing bass. Soon after the release of the album by Translation Loss Records, Vernon left yet again, with Schindel filling the guitar void.

Schindel, Vernon, and Brooks have been members of the band Twelve Tribes at various points in the past.

Current lineup consists:

Jason Watkins - vocal, keyboards, samples;
Steve Brooks - guitar, vocal;
Kevin Schindel - guitar, vocal (Dead Blue Sky, Twelve Tribes);
Dave Mann - drums (Rune).

(Taken from Last.fm)

Regular Studio Albums

Mouth of the Architect - Quietly (2008)

1. Quietly
2. Hate and Heartache
3. Pine Boxes
4. Guilt and the Like
5. Generation of Ghosts
6. Rocking Chairs and Shogtuns
7. Medicine
8. A beautiful Corpse

Mouth of the Architect - The Ties that Bind (2006)

1. Baobab
2. No one wished to settle here
3. Carry on
4. Harboring an Apparition
5. At Arms length
6. Wake me when it's over

Mouth of the Architect - Time and Withering (2004)

1. A Vivid Chaos
2. Soil to Stone
3. Heart Eaters
4. The Worm

Split EP's

Mouth of the Architect / Kenoma - Split (2006)

1. Mouth of the Architect - Sleepwalk Powder
2. Kenoma - The Nature of the Empire
3. Kenoma - 1913


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