Friday, December 4, 2009

Alcest & Les Discrets - Split


Formed in 1999 by French black metal multi-instrumentalist Neige (who also worked with Peste Noire, Mortifera, and Amesoeurs), Alcest was originally conceived as a solo project. It would eventually take on the form of a full band as Hegnor (also of Peste Noire) and Arguth joined the fray and released a four-track demo entitled Tristesse Hivernale in 1999. This demo was a more straightforward black metal affair, much different from what would happen next. After that released, Alcest returned to a one-member format, with Neige moving away from the metal overtones of the three-piece and embracing a more atmospheric approach to his work. The 2005 EP release, Le Secret, was more in tune with the project`s ultimate goal, which was to put to ear, as it were, Neige`s fascination with an “otherworld” — of sorts — that had held a fascination for him beginning in his childhood. In 2007, Neige released the first full-length Alcest recording, Souvenirs D`un Autre Monde (Memories of Another World, for those keeping up in English), which was released on Prophecy Productions, and was a critical success. 2007 also saw a split-EP release with Angmar.

Les Discrets

Les Discrets is a shoegaze, post-rock, experimental, acoustic project. It is the sole musical creation of Fursy Teyssier who also played in Amesoeurs and has created artwork for other bands including Peste Noire, Alcest, Amesoeurs, Arctic Plateau, Neun Welten,The American Dollar…

Several songs have been made available on the Les Discrets myspace page, but there have been no releases.

The debut release (E.P.) was expected to be released by UK label Todestrieb Records but the deal is cancelled for another label.

1. Alcest - Percees de Lumiere
2. Alcest - Circe Poisoning the Sea
3. Les Discrets - L'echapee
4. Les Discrets - Apres l'ombre
5. Les Discrets - Song for Mountains (Demo)

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