Friday, August 6, 2010

Gnaw - This Face

Gnaw is an experimental / band from New York City, New York, United States formed in 2006 by Alan Dubin.

Gnaw is the sawblade-wrapped-in-razorwire brainchild of Alan Dubin. (Khanate, OLD), Carter Thornton. (Enos Slaughter), Jun Mizumachi. (Ike Yard), and Jamie Sykes. (Thorr’s Hammer, Burning Witch). Their 2009 debut for Conspiracy Records “This Face” was further infected and finally delivered by engineer Brian Beatrice before being wrought for stage deployment with additional drummer Eric Neuser. “This Face” has been described as a “genre destroying journey” and utilizes pounding percussion, factory noise, chordal slabs of guitar and bass, as well as homemade electro-acoustic contraptions. Dubin’s unique and legendary shriek delivers vivid portrayals of all things bad.

This is some great droning noise with members of Khanate and Thorr's Hammer. They're on tour this year and I'm really looking forward to see them together with Monno. Enjoy it!

Gnaw - This Face

(Conspiracy Records / 2009 / Experimental Drone/Noise / 192 kbp/s)

1. Haven Vault 2:17
2. Vacant 4:26
3. Talking Mirrors 5:04
4. Feelers 3:46
5. Watcher 7:35
6. Ghosted 7:22
7. Backyard Frontier 4:52
8. Shard 5:13
9. Backyard Frontier (Reprise) 8:47


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Yoga - Megafauna

A psychedelic lo-fi black-metal project that has a passion for Cryptozoology and all things unexplained… “Understand this: Yoga dispenses a sinister frailty of howling swells in hissing static that combusts into crawling shock heaps, to the effect of Mayhem performing Twin Peaks incidentals in a prairie recorded by The KLF. A brief description casts them as black metal’s answer to Throbbing Gristle. The texture-based rendering of their compositions sails them on a strange sea between song and sound effect as it bobs along the waves like a dead man’s bottled message. Aspects of Goblin rehearsals in dead hills is interrupted as Monster Zero carves mountain sides with lightning breath. Oscillating leads pummel into churning riffs as if Caledonia was performed in an echo chamber near Lodi, New Jersey. The extrinsic properties of this work may result in disambiguation.”

project members: Vatten Häst & Eld Anka

(Taken from

[ Myspace | Holy Mountain | Ritual Ambient/Drone | CBR@320 ]

1. Seventh Mind
2. Flying Witch
3. Encante
4. Wagion
5. The Hidden People
6. Dreamcast
7. Fourth Eye
8. Black Obelisk
9. Treeman
10. Warrior
11. Haunted Brain
12. Chupacabra's Rotting Flesh 

Locrian - Territories

“…ritual exploration locked in a landscape of left-handed black urbanity…. the sound of jackals seeking prey in abandoned malls. Locrian’s vision is an internalised one, a view that’s expressed through ferocious volume with a finger than remains on the trigger guard.” (Scott McKeating, Rock-a-rolla)

“Looming monoliths of distorted synthesizer erode in slow motion while a brittle, hazy guitar line wavers slowly back and forth like a rusty weathervane creaking in the wind. And then: the voices. Disembodied howls rising from the devil’s asshole.” (J. Niimi, Chicago Reader)

“Like a raven perched on an electrical transformer, Locrian summon elemental human dread, the type hinted at in medieval passion plays and Shakespearean dramatic interludes, but do so electrically, without the pretense of ancient wisdom or nostalgia-laden “spectral folk.” (Chris Sienko, Gapers Block)

” spoon through the night mounted upon a guitar or a synth… the sonic textures are closer to rock (maybe born amidst the debris of a party Killing Joke had just left).” (Byron Coley, The Wire)

(Taken from

Thanks to the band for submitting us this album, we realy appreciate this :) New record from 2010, enjoy!

[ Myspace | At War with False Noise | 2010 | Drone/Noise/Experimental | CBR@192 ]

01. Inverted Ruins (08:27)
02. Between Barrows (05:51)
03. Procession of Ancestral Brutalism (10:18)
04. Ring Road (09:38)
05. Antediluvian Territory (03:57)
06. The Columnless Arcade (08:42)

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Minilogue - Animals

Minilogue are a Swedish Progressive House/Tech-House/Minimal Techno music project of Sebastian Mullaert and Marcus Henriksson. The name is a portmanteau of minimal (the musical style) and dialogue, which refers to music as a form of communication.

Beside their music production as Minilogue, they are both involved in the projects Son Kite and Trimatic, and Sebastian has the soloprojects Kooler, Filur and Ooze.

Sebastian Mullaert and Marcus Henriksson came from opposing backgrounds.

Sebastian was trained as a classical musician playing the organ, piano and the violin among other instruments. He even became involved in teaching them until his coming of age at 18 when he formed a band and began experimenting with the sounds in a more contemporary way.

Marcus lived on a diet of Kraftwerk and the Human League until realising his true calling in the techno parties of the 90s. Through promoting parties he moved on to become one of the bigger DJs in Southern Sweden. It was in a party where they met and decided to combine Sebastian’s musician’s perspective and knowledge with Marcus´ DJ skills and experience from the scene.

They got together in 1996 and after 10 years in the music business under successful guises such as Son Kite and Trimatic, Marcus & Sebastian are now Minilogue - an animalistic music concept without the boundaries of genres.

I stumbled over this one at a minimal party here. This album was visualized by Minilogue and they called it "Animals - The Movie". So if you like the album, buy the DVD and then you can watch the visualizations. It's worth it, they're really great. Some samples to be seen on youtube, vimeo etc.. Enjoy it!

Minilogue - Animals

(Cocoon Recordings / 2008 / Minimal/Techhouse/Ambient / 184 kbp/s)


Dance CD:
01. Yesterday Bells 2:01
02. Cow, Crickets and Clay 7:09
03. Hitchhiker´s Choice 7:20
04. Loud 3:37
05. We All 6:56
06. 33000 Honeybees 8:36
07. Jamaica 9:58
08. View Of A Juggling Ball 3:10
09. Giant Hairy Super Monsters 7:19
10. Hypnotized 8:31
11. Animals 7:15
12. In A Distance 7:49

Ambient CD:
01. Old Water 5:23
02. Windows 4:08
03. City Lights 4:58
04. Six Arms And One Leg 5:54
05. Swamp OP 4:28
06. In The Shade Of The Sun 5:47
07. Stations I 4:26
08. Stations II 4:59
09. Stations III 3:51
10. Even The Wind Seemed In Deep Sleep 6:22
11. Europhonia 8:09
12. Feeling In Spring Beside The Dressing Table 7:42
13. Seconds (Colour & Sound) 6:44
14. Outro 2:15

Mediafire 1/2

Friday, July 30, 2010

Spiritualized - Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space

Spiritualized is an English rock band formed in 1990 in Rugby, Warwickshire, United Kingdom by Jason Pierce, who often goes by the alias J. Spaceman, after the spectacular demise of the Spacemen 3 outfit. The membership of Spiritualized changes from album to album, with Pierce being the only constant factor.

The style of Spiritualized is perhaps best described as psychedelic rock, especially earlier albums like Lazer Guided Melodies and Pure Phase, which also incorporated elements of the shoegazing style made popular by influential 1991 album Loveless. The landmark Ladies And Gentlement We Are Floating In Space showed influences from African-American gospel and blues beginning to creep in, and wall of sound influences from Phil Spector and Brian Wilson began to predominate, which came to a head on Let It Come Down. Amazing Grace favoured a more stripped down sound with the gospel, blues, and soul influences heavier than ever.

(taken from
[ Dedicated | 1997 | Shoegaze/Space Rock | VBR | 1:09:53 ]

1. Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space - 3:40
2. Come Together - 4:40
3. I Think I'm In Love - 8:09
4. All Of My Thoughts - 4:36
5. Stay With Me - 5:08
6. Electricity - 3:46
7. Home Of The Brave - 2:22
8. The Individual - 4:15
9. Broken Heart - 6:38
10. No God Only Religion - 4:21
11. Cool Waves - 5:05
12. Cop Shoot Cop... - 17:13


Monday, July 26, 2010

Ringo Deathstarr - Ringo Deathstarr

Ringo Deathstarr is a shoegaze quartet from Austin, TX. After a couple of years of releasing an EP and a few 7’’ records on various labels like SVC, Vinyl Junkie, and Custom Made Music, and touring Japan and the UK late last year, finally they are finishing that full length record as we speak, followed by more touring all over the place.

(taken from

[ self-released | 2007 | Shoegaze | 320kbps | 13:47 ]

1. Swirly - 2:41
2. Starrsha - 2:08
3. Some Kind Of Sad - 2:05
4. Down On You - 3:17
5. Sweet Girl - 3:36


LSD and the Search for God - LSD and the Search for God

LSD and the Search for God is a shoegaze/noise-rock band from San Francisco, California formed in 2006. They have released one self titled EP. The members of the band include Chris Fifield (guitar), Sophia Campbell (vocals), Caleb Rush (bass), Kevin Crouse (drums), and Andy Liszt (guitar/vocals).

(taken from

[ Mind Expansion | 2008 | Psychedelic Shoegaze | 320kbps | 22:01 ]

1. This Time - 3:18
2. I Don't Care - 4:02
3. Backwards - 4:18
4. Starting Over - 5:04
5. Starshine - 5:19